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Mai Mala Buni

Executive Governor

Idi Barde Gubana

Deputy Governor


The State covers an estimated area of 47,153 Square Kilometres and shares International Border with the Republic of Niger to the North. The State also shares borders with Jigawa, Bauchi and Gombe States to the West, Borno to the East as well as Gombe and Borno States to the South.

Economic Profile

Yobe state is an agricultural state it also has rich fishing grounds and mineral deposits of gypsum in Fune LGA, kaolin, and quartz. The state’s agricultural products include gum Arabic, groundnuts, beans, cotton. The state is also said to have one of the largest cattle markets in West Africa located in Potiskum.


Most of the people are peasant farmers with quite a number engaged in livestock rearing, trading and fishing.



Major Cities

Ethnic Profile
The major ethnic groups in the State include Kanuri, Fulani, Kare-Kare, Bolewa, Ngizim, Bade, Hausa, Ngamo and Shuwa. Yobe State has an estimated population of 1.4 Million and in 2003 the figure was put at about 2 Million.
Local Govt Areas
Yobe State consists of seventeen (17) Local Government Areas (LGAs). They are: Bursari, Damaturu, Geidam, Bade, Gujba, Gulani, Fika, Fune, Jakusko, Karasuwa, Machina, Nangere, Nguru, Potiskum, Tarmuwa, Yunusari and Yusufari.