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Malam Umar A. Namadi, FCA

Executive Governor

Engr. Aminu Usman

Deputy Governor


Jigawa State called “The New World”, was excised from Kano State and covers a total land area of about 22,410 square kilometres. It is situated precisely in the north-western part of Nigeria, between latitudes 11.00°N to 13.00°N and longitudes 8.00°E to 10.15°E, Jigawa State is bordered on the west by Kano and Katsina States, on the east by Bauchi and Yobe States and on the north by Katsina State and an international border with Zinder Region in the Republic of Niger.

Economic Profile

Jigawa State is largely characterized by informal sector activities with agriculture as the major economic activity. Over eighty percent (80%) of the people from this State engage in subsistence farming and animal husbandry. Food crops produced in the State include maize, millet and guinea corn. While cash crops like cotton and groundnut are also produced. There are so many industrial enterprises in the State and these industries operate mostly with raw materials produced locally. These are in form of agriculture and livestock, and so trade and commerce in the State is hinged on small and medium scale, especially in agricultural goods, livestock and other consumer goods.


Arts,crafts and livestock production  play a dominant role in the socio-economic well-being of the people, as it provides gainful employment, and compliment the economic life of farming families.



Major Cities

Ethnic Profile
The rich cultural heritage of the people is reflected in their mode of dressing, music, dance, craftsmanship, hospitality, food processing and pattern of settlement. Hausa culture and tradition have overshadowed others but the Fulani, Mangawa, Ngizimawa and Badawa still maintain their culture and tradition in their areas of concentration.
Local Govt Areas
(27) Local Government Areas (LGAs) namely: Auyo, Babura, Biriniwa, Birnin Kudu, Buji, Dutse, Gagarawa, Garki, Gumel, Guri, Gwaram, Gwiwa, Hadejia, Jahun, Kafin Hausa, Kaugama, Kazaure, Kiri Kasama, Kiyawa, Maigatari, Malam Madori, Miga, Ringim, Roni, Sule Tankarkar, Taura and Yankwashi.