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Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule

Executive Governor

Dr. Emmanuel Agbadu Akabe

Deputy Governor


Coordinates: 8°32′N 8°18′E Nasarawa State is bounded in the north by Kaduna State, in the west by the Abuja Federal Capital Territory, in the south by Kogi and Benue States and in the east by Taraba and Plateau States.

Economic Profile

Nasarawa State has agriculture as the mainstay of its economy with the production of varieties of cash crops throughout the year. It also contains minerals such as salt and bauxite.





Major Cities

Ethnic Profile
There are 29 languages spoken as first languages in Nasarawa State. Most languages are small minority languages. Major languages are Agatu, Basa, Eggon, Gbagyi, Gade, Goemai, Gwandara, Ham, Kofyar, and Lijili. One language – Basa-Gumna – is extinct.
Local Govt Areas
The 13 Local Government Areas of Nasarawa State are: Akwanga, Awe, Doma, Karu, Keena, Keffi, Kokona, Lafia, Nasarawa, Nasarawa Egon, Obi, Toto, Wamba.