Abia State

Abia State (God’s Own State)

 Executive Govenor

Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu

 Deputy Governor

Right Honourable Ude Okochukwu

CREATION: Created 27th August 1991.

Capital: Umuahia

Major City: Aba, Osusu Aba, Uturu, Oro Arochukwu

GEOGRAPHIC PROFILE: Located in South-East of Nigeria, approximately at latitudes 40 40′ and 60 14′ north, and longitudes 70 10′and 80 east. Bounded in the North by Ebonyi State; bounded South and South West by Rivers; bounded East and South East by Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. It is bounded in the West by Imo and Northwest by Anambra. Land Area is 5,243.7 sq. km.

ECONOMIC PROFILE: Crude Oil, Gas production, and Agriculture.

OCCUPATION: Agriculture is the major occupation of the people of Abia State. This is induced by the rich soil, which stretches from the northern to the southern parts of the state. Subsistence farming is prevalent and about 70 per cent of the population is engaged in it.

ETHNIC  PROFILE: Igbos are 95% of the population; 1.19% (1991) National Population; 2,833,999 – 2006 (National Population Commission source); Official language – English; Local Language – Igbo

Local Government Area (LGA) – Aba North, Aba South, Arochukwu, Bende, Ikwuano, Isiala, Ngwa North, Isiala Ngwa South, Isiukwuato, Obi Ngwa, Ohafia, Osisioma Ngwa,Ugwunagbo, Ukwa East, Ukwa West, Umuahia North, Umuahia South and Umunneochi.

Raw Materials Distribution in Abia State

                                                                     ABIA STATE               
1 ABA NORTH Glass Sand Cassava, Vegetable, Maize, Plantain Banana, Palm Produce, Livestock, Bitter Cola. 

2 ABA SOUTH Glass Sand Cassava, Vegetable, Maize, Pawpaw, Palm Produce, Timber
3 AROCHUKWU Shale, Limestone, Bentonitic Clay, Laterite Cassava, Vegetable, Yam, Cocoyam, Palm Produce, Rubber, Maize, Rice
4 BENDE Clay, Bentonite , Shale, Salt, Limestone, Phosphate, Laterite Cassava, Yam, Cocoa, Cocoyam, Vegetable, Palm Produce, Rubber, Maize, Okra, Rice, Mango, Melon, Gmelina  Abora
5 IKWUANO Ball Clay, Bentonite , Kaolin, Phosphate Cassava, Palm Produce, Maize, Vegetable, Cocoa, Ginger, Cocoyam, Melon
6 ISIALA- NGWA NORTH Glass Sand Cassava, Palm Produce, Vegetable, Yam, Pineapple, Plantain, Banana, Bamboo, Ginger, Cocoyam, Raffia Palm
7 ISIALA- NGWA SOUTH Glass  Sand Maize, Bamboo, Ginger,  Palm Produce, Cassava, Plantain, Banana

8 ISUIKWUATO Ball Clay, Kaolin,  Bentonite , Shale, Gypsum, Laterite Cassava, Vegetable, Palm Produce, Maize, Cashew, Citrus, Pineapple, Yam.

9 OBI NGWA Ball Clay, Bentonite , Kaolin, Phosphate Palm Produce Maize, Ginger, Bamboo, Rafia Palm, Cassava
10 OHAFIA Limestone, Shale, Marble Cassava, Palm Produce, Maize, Rubber, Vegetable, Citrus, Rice Melon
11 OSISIOMA  NGWA Marble Cassava, Ginger, Palm- Produce
12 NGWUNAGBO Marble Palm Produce, Cassava, Ginger, Raffia Palm ,  Bamboo
13 UKWA EAST Glass Sand, Petroleum. Cassava, Palm Produce , Maize , Vegetable, Ube (Local Pear), Plantain
14 UKWA WEST Glass Sand, Petroleum Cassava, Palm Produce, Maize , Vegetable, Ube (Local Pear), Plantain
15 UMUAHIA NORTH Kaolin,  Lignite, Ball Clay, Shale, Bentonite , Phosphate Cassava, Maize, Palm Produce, Ube (Local Pear)
16 UMUAHIA SOUTH Kaolin,  Bentonite Clay Palm Produce, Cassava, Bamboo, Raffia Palm, Timber
17 UMUNNEOCHI Clay, Kaolin, Granite Cashew, Cassava, Citrus, Palm Produce, Ginger,  Rice