Imo State

Imo State (The Eastern Heartland)

Executive Governor

Hope Uzodinma

Deputy Governor

Placid Njoku

Creation: Created February 3, 1976

Capital: Owerri

Major Commercial City: Owerri

Major Cities: Okigwe, Oguta, Nkwerre, Orlu, Mbaise, Mbano, Mbieri, Ideato, Awo-Idemili, Ohaji,

Geographic Profile: Imo State lies within latitudes 4°45’N and 7°15’N, and longitude 6°50’E and 7°25’E with an area of around 5,100 sq km. It is bordered by Abia State on the East, by the River Niger and Delta State on the west, by Anambra State to the north and Rivers State to the south. Besides Owerri, Imo State’s major towns are Isu, Okigwe, Oguta, Orlu, Mbaise, Mbano, Mbieri, Orodo and Orsu.

Economic Profile: The State is rich in natural resources including crude oil, lead, zinc, white clay, fine sand, limestone and natural gas in commercial quantities. The state also produces agricultural produce such as palm produce, cocoa and rubber. The main staple crops are yam, cassava, cocoyam and maize.

Ethnic Profile: Imo state is a predominantly Igbo speaking state, with Igbo people constituting a majority of 98%.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Imo State is made up of 27 Local Government Areas: Aboh Mbaise; Ehime Mbano; Ezinihitte; Ideato North; Ideato South; Ihitte/Uboma; Ikeduru; Isiala Mbano; Isu; Mbaitoli; Ngor Okpala; Njaba; Nkwerre; Nwangele; Obowo; Oguta; Ohaji/Egbema; Okigwe; Onuimo; Orlu; Orsu; Oru East; Oru West; Owerri Municipal; Owerri North; Owerri West.

Raw Materials Distribution in Imo State


1 ABOH-IMBAISE Oil palm, Cassava, Fruits Oil bean seed, Bread fruit, Vegetables

Oil palm, Cassava, Fruits, Oil bean seed, Vegetables, Bread fruit.

3 EHIME-MBANO Kaolin, Bentonite Palm produce, Cassava, Fruits, Vegetables
4 EZINIHITTE Palm produce, Cassava, Fruits, Vegetables, Oil bean seed, Bread fruit.
5 IDEATO-NORTH Limestone, Bentonite Cassava, Rice, Palm produce
6 IDEATO-SOUTH Bentonite, Limestone Cassava, Palm produce, Rice
7 IHITTE/UBOMA Palm produce, Cassava, Rice, Vegetables
8 IKEDURU Palm produce, Cassava, Vegetables
9 ISIALA MBANO Ball clay Palm produce, Cassava, Vegetables
10 ISU Bentonite, Kaolin, Silica sand Cashew, Cassava, Palm produce
11 MBAITOLI Cassava, Palm produce, Rubber
12 NGOR-OKPALA Palm produce, Rubber

Silica sand

Palm produce, Cassava

Palm produce, Poultry, Cassava.

15 NKWERRE Palm produce, Cassava

Silica sand

Poultry, Fruits
17 OGUTA Petroleum Cassava, Fishery, Yam, Palm produce
18 OHAJI-EGBEMA Petroleum, Limestone Cassava, Palm produce, Rubber, Plantain, Banana
19 OKIGWE Limestone, Ball clay, Lead/Zinc, Gypsum Cashew, Palm produce, Cattle, Citrus
20 ORLU Ball clay, Lead/Zinc, Lignite Cassava, Palm produce.
21 ORSU Palm produce, Cassava
22 ORU EAST Kaolin Palm produce, Cassava
23 ORU WEST Palm produce, Cassava
24 OWERRI MUNICIPAL Petroleum, Ball clay Livestock, Rubber, Fruits
25 OWERRI NORTH Petroleum Palm produce, Poultry, Cassava
26 OWERRI WEST Petroleum Palm produce, Poultry, Cassava
27 ONUIMO Ball clay Palm produce, Cassava