Kwara State

Kwara State (The Place of Harmony)



Executive Governor

Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq

Deputy Governor

Kayode Alibi

Creation: May 27, 1967

Capital: Ilorin

Major Cities: Ilorin, Jebba, Omu- Aran,Offa

Geographic Location: Kwara State is situated between parallels 8° and 10° north latitudes and 3° and 6° east longitudes, with Niger State in the north, Kogi State in the east, Oyo, Ekiti and Osun States in the south and an international boundary with the Republic of Benin in the west.

Economic Profile: Agriculture is the main source of the economy and the principal cash crops are: cotton, cocoa, coffee, Kolanut, tobacco, beniseed and palm produce. Mineral resources in the state are Gold, limestone, marble, feldspar, clay, kaolin, quartz and granite rocks.

Ethnic Profile: The principal groups residing in Kwara State are the Yoruba, Nupe, Bariba and Fulani. Major languages are English (official) and Yoruba.

Occupation:Farming is the major occupation of the people.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): The 16 LGAs are: Asa, Baruten, Edu, Ekiti, lfelodun, llorin East, llorin West, llorin South, Irepodun, Kaiama, Moro, Offa, Oyun, Isin, Oke-Ero and Patigi.

Raw Materials Distribution in Kwara State



Ball Clay, Silica Sand.

Maize, Sorghum, Cashew, Rice, Cowpea, Melon, Groundnut, Cassava, Sheanut, Pepper, Poultry, Livestock.
2 BARUTEN Kaolin, Ball Clay, Silica Sand Groundnut, Millet, Sorghum, Sheanut, Yam, Seed Cotton, Sweet Potato, Melon, Cassava, Soya Beans, Rice, Poultry, Livestock
3 EDU Kaolin, Silica Sand, Ball Clay Sheanut, Rice, Sorghum, Neem Tree, Sugarcane, Melon, Millet, Banana, Melon, Millet, Yam, Groundnut, Fisheries, Livestock, Pawpaw, Mango, Cashew, Citrus, Cowpea
4 EKITI Ball Clay, Silica Sand Palm Kernel, Yam, Guinea Corn, Oil Palm, Plantain, Soya Beans, Melon, Kolanut, Maize, Cocoa, Neem Tree, Sheanut, Cassava, Rice, Millet
5 IFELODUN Kaolin, Dolomite, Marble, Ball Clay, Silica Sand Maize, Guinea corn, Cashew, Beans, Rice, Melon, Groundnut, Cassava, Sheanut, Soya Beans, Sweet Potato, Cotton, Neem Tree, Fruits, Tobacco, Yam
6 ILORIN EAST Kaolin, Ball Clay, Silica Sand, Granite, Marble Cashewnut, Sheanut, Cassava, Millet, Kenaf, Melon, Neem Tree, Castor Oil, Yam, Rice, Maize, Sugarcane, Soya Beans, Beans, Rice, Fresh Milk, Groundnut, Locust Beans
7 ILORIN SOUTH Ball Cay, Kaolin, Silica Sand Melon, Pepper, Locust Bean, Cashew, Sheanut, Groundnut, Fresh Milk, Beans, Sorghum, Maize, Cassava, Soyabeans, Rice, Yam
8 ILORIN WEST Kaolin, Ball Clay, Silica Sand, Granite Tobacco, Cashew Nut, Sheanut, Cassava, Millet, Kenaf, Melon, Castor Oil, Locust Bean, Soya Beans, Beans, Rice, Dairy, Groundnut, Yam, Maize
9 IREPODUN Feldspar, Kaolin, Quartz, Dolomite, Ball Clay, Silica Sand

Cocoa, Palm Kernel, Cashew, Banana, Plantain, Castor Oil, Neem Tree, Beans, Guinea Corn, Maize, Cassava, Melon, Pepper, Locust Bean, Yam, Groundnut, Rice, Kolanut, Citrus, Soya Beans.

10 ISIN Ball Clay, Kaolin, Sand Cassava, Maize, Sheanut, Locust Beans, Soyabeans, Guinea Corn, Beans, Melon, Cashew Nut, Rice, Groundnut, Yam, Cotton, Tree Crop
11 KAIAMA Kaolin, Ball Clay, Silica Sand Cotton Seed, Sheanut, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Melon, Maize, Sorghum, Soya Bean, Rice, Groundnut, Millet, Yam
12 MORO Gold, Marble, Tantalite, Cassaiterite, Ball Clay, Dolomite, Talc, Limestone Sugarcane, Kenaf, Millet, Cassava, Neem Tree, Melon, Castor, Yam, Sheanut, Soyabean, Maize, Cotton, Groundnut, Rice, Beans, Cashew Nut, Sorghum
13 OFFA Ball Clay, Granite, Silica Sand Citrus, Castor, Cassava, Cotton, Locust Bean, Coffee, sweet Potato, Maize, Rice, Beans, Yam, Tomatoes, Groundnut.
14 OKE-ERO Ball Clay, Silica Sand Palm Kernel, Yam, Guinea Corn, Plantain, Kolanut, Maize, Cocoa, Cashew Nut, Soyabeans, Rice, Cassava, Groundnut, Palm Oil
15 OYUN Ball Clay, Silica  Sand Sugarcane, Locust Bean, Coffee, Cassava, Cotton, Groundnut, Soyabeans, Maize, Yam, Rice, Beans, Yam, Tomatoes, Groundnut
16 PATEG Kaolin, Ball Clay, Silica Sand Maize, Sugarcane, Melon, Cashew Nut, Sheanut, Pepper, Soyabeans, Rice, Groundnut, Cassava, Yam, Fishery

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