Political Parties


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is the main agent of democracy in Nigeria. INEC is the permanent body created by the constitution to organise Federal and State elections in Nigeria.
In the last elections, 63 political parties participated and were expected to win at least one seat in the National Assembly or State Houses of Assembly or risk deregistration. Results of the elections showed that only 10 parties fulfilled the requirement. They include the People Democratic Party (PDP), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN), All Nigeria People Party (ANPP), Labour Party (LP), Progressive People Alliance (PPA), Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN), All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Accord Party (AP), Democratic People Party (DPP) and KOWA Party.

The 30 Registered Political Parties of Nigeria from 2014-2016.

1   Accord  A
2   Action Alliance  AA
3    Advanced Congress Of Democrats  ACD
4    Allied Congress Party of Nigeria  ACPN
 5    Alliance For Democracy  AD
 6    African Democratic Congress  ADC
 7   African Peoples Alliance  APA
 8   All Progressive Congress  APC
 9   All Progressives Grand Alliance  APGA
 10   Citizens Popular Party  CPP
 11    Democratic Peoples Congress  DPC
 12    Democratic Peoples Party  DPP
 13    Fresh Democratic Party  FRESH
 14    Hope Democratic Party  HDP
 15    Independent Democrats  ID
 16    Kowa Party  KP
 17   Labour Party  LP
 18    Mega Progressive Peoples Party  MPPP
 19    National Conscience Party  NCP
 20    New Nigeria Peoples Party  NNPP
 21    People For Democratic Change  PDC
 22    Peoples Democratic Movement   PDM
 23    Peoples Democratic Party  PDP
 24    Progressive Peoples Alliance  PPA
 25    Peoples Party of Nigeria  PPN
 26    Social Democratic Party  SDP
 27    United Democratic Party  UDP
 28   Unity Party of Nigeria       UPN
 29   United Progressive Party  UPP
 30    Young Democratic Party  YDP