Expedite repatriation of our stolen funds, Buhari tells international community.

President Muhammadu Buhari, Thursday, in Abuja urged the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to facilitate faster recovery of Nigeria’s stolen wealth, stashed abroad.

Receiving the Executive Secretary of UNODC, Mr Yury Fedotov, President Buhari said the process of recovering Nigeria’s stolen assets had become tedious to the consternation of many Nigerians.

“We are looking for more cooperation from the EU, United States, other countries and international institutions to recover the nation’s stolen assets, particularly proceeds from stolen crude oil. It is taking very long and Nigerians are becoming impatient”, the President said.

President Buhari told Mr. Fedotov that his Government has worked very hard in the past 11 months to reverse the very negative global perception of Nigeria on corruption.

“Our genuine efforts to deal with corruption and drugs have earned us international respect, and this has encouraged us to do more. We know that, by fighting the scourge of drugs and corruption, and rebuilding trustworthiness, integrity, good business practices, and imposing discipline on youths to avoid drugs, we are not doing favour to the international community, but to ourselves’’, the President said.

President Buhari also promised that his administration will work with UNODC to rehabilitate young Nigerians, who have been misled into consumption of illicit drugs and drug trafficking.

Mr. Fedotov told President Buhari that UNODC has chosen Nigerian as a pilot country for support and strategic cooperation in the fight against drugs and corruption.

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